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Industrial Subcontracting
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Die Casting Mold Technology
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Pressure Casting

The second part of Die Casting Mold Technology division is the die casting molds. We design the complex geometries of the casting components using advanced CAD software and we make machining operations with our most advanced CNC machinery with absolute accuracy. We design and manufacture die casting molds with high quality and precision, in small and medium sizes. In complex component shapes we use special mechanisms, which are necessary for the component production.

We manufacture high quality die casting molds for the following applications: Aluminium die casting. Zinc die casting and Brass die casting.

We choose the appropriate material – high quality thermal shock resistance steel, that increase the lifetime of the die casting mold, improves the performance of the mold and this have result a long service life and safe operation.

After a die casting mold is ready for delivery, we make a test run, in cooperation with partners, so as to be sure that the die casting mold is ready for production.

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Injection Mold

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